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Ozone Laundry System
Ozone Laundry System
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Sales Date: 2010-09-13
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Ozone Laundry System

What's laundry system?

Due to the zone own the features of :  strong oxidbillity  , dirty removal, bacteria-killing, stretching fiber, we mix ozone with water at certain content to wash clothes.


Work at lower water temperature
Disinfect the wash water
Improves fabric "look and feel" & markedly prolong linen life
Enhance productivity

Ozone Laundry System Advantages:
Items                        Saved(%)
Water                        20-40%
Sewer                       20-40%
Hot water                  90-97%
Internal heating         90-97%
Operating energy     15-20%
Gas for dryers          25-35%
Labors                      0-12.5%



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